The undead are beings who have died and then been brought back to life. They are reanimated with magic and are much harder to kill than the living. Not to be confused with the zombie desease, undeadedness is not contagious. The larger the creature brought back, the most costly it is on the magic to animate it. Often Dweomeric batteries are used to keep them functioning.

Liches like Lord Sepulcher are typically undead necromancers who protect themselves with undead minions, and can "live" for a very long time, assuming no heroes come to purge them.

Zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and monsters forged from bodies are all likely to be seen near a necromancers home. Despite the terrible reputation they have, the undead are not inherantly evil or violent.

The undead benefit from never needing to eat or sleep. Sunlight has a weakening effect on them, but it cannot hurt them on it's own.

The only undead seen so far reside on Hollowmarsh, in a village they built in the forest after being pushed there from the west.