The ongoing war is between the Whitherwater kingdom alliance and the Zebra lands. The official report is that the Zebras began to encroach and claim pony lands on the border of Haunchhock.
The war is now in the pony's favor, and having their lands back they plan to take some of the zebra provinces too.[1]
They are recieving support from Blood Blossoms in the form of war machines.[1] The war is also being funded by the Jewel family.

The tides were turned in favor of the ponies when Blood's BB Type-51 siege engines were deployed. They are a mix between a ballista and a train. Joyride helped designed the dweomeric power generators that they use. She also assisted his team in developing the spell runes for the artillery crystal.[2]

The pony forces were looking to dominate the war, but things have now hit a deadly standstill. The zebras were able to reverse engineer the war machines and fight back on equal footing. The result has been many more dead with neither side gaining ground.[3]