Major Quests

The active goals that Emerald Jewel either needs to, or wants to do.

Potion for Joy

In exchange for becoming an apprentice, Emerald needs to help Joyride make a special potion.

  • Gather 3 caps of Pheromone Fungus ✓
    • Help Joyride get the mushrooms from the caves south of Whitherwater. ✓
  • Acquire 3 flowerbuds of Love Hibiscus ✓
    • Distract the Minotaur so that Joyride can get the flowerbuds ✓
  • Obtain 2 liters of Royal Giant Jungle Wasp Honey ?
    • Distract the wasps so that Joyride can get the honey ✓
    • Find out about the baby queen wasp ✓
    • Assist Joyride in creating a honey factory ?
  • Collect 7 strands of Succubus Hair ?
  • Take 1 White Deer Antler ?


  • Kill your step parents ?

Three Gems

  • Discover the importance of that red gem ✓
    • Free Pip in order to get info from her ✓
    • Trade meat for more info from Pip ✓
    • Try to communicate with the demon inside ✓
  • Get the blue gem ?
    • Wait for Sushi to give intel on where it's being kept ✓
    • Get guard schedules from Sensoria ?
    • Infiltrate the building ?
  • Get the green gem ?

Recruit Larimar

Have sex with everyone

Don't Take my Sunshine Away

  • Find out who Sunshine Sea was ✓
    • Ask Joyride about her ✓
    • Ask Bo about her ✓
    • Ask Bo's dad about her ✓
    • Use Joy's library to find the book the ripped page is from ✓
  • What her relationship to Joy was ✓
  • What her cutie-mark was ?
  • What her colours are ✓
  • If she had children ✓
  • If she's dead ✓
  • If she's really dead ?


  • Earn Joyride's trust to learn more about her immortality ✓

Side Quests

Optional things to look into.

Stargazer the Town Razer

Joy in the Box

  • Keep that box safe X
  • Learn about the escapee ✓
  • Find the escaped alternate Joyride ?

Mr. Jewel, English teacher

  • Teach Praline to spell her own name ✓
  • Teach Praline to spell basic words ?
  • Meet Praline again ✓

Order of the Arrow

Pirate Booty

  • Wait for the ship to dock, there the captain will devide up the loot for Emerald and Ruby. X
  • Find out how much you got, since you were not around when it was devided. ?
    • Ask what the treasure piece was that got the navy so deperate to retrieve it. ?

Completed Quests

Emerald's achievements so far.

Remove the Ring

Emerald is unable to enjoy being lewd thanks to a horrible device his step parents attached to him.

  • Find out how to remove the ring
  • Light up 5 of the lights ✓
  • Destroy the ring X
  • Give the ring to Joyride

Reading Ruby

Ruby Rouge wanted to learn to read, and who better to teach her?

  • Teach Ruby the alphabet ✓
  • Teach Ruby to spell basic words ✓
  • Teach Ruby to read advanced words ?
  • Teach Ruby to read on her own ✓
  • Teach Ruby well enough that she can teach others ✓

Favor for Joyride

In exchange for getting help with Pip, Joyride says she'll ask for a favor at some point.

  • Wait to find out what the favor is. ✓
    • Be bait for the wasps and buy Joyride enough time to take what she needs. ✓