The city in which much of the story takes place. Home to Ruby Rouge, Sensoria, and Joyride.
The town was carved out of a large forest teeming with monsters. [citation needed]To the south, there is still a strong population of monsters. [citation needed]The city is broken up into 5 districts. The Castle district and it's surrounding North, East, South, and West districts.

Castle District

The center of the city containing the governmental facilities, and of course Whitherwater Castle.

North District

Most known for the harbor.

East District

The main place for shopping. This is the area most explored so far.

South District

The industrial section.

West District

Where most traders set up shop.

Notable places

304 Coursewalk
This is the address of Joyride and Emerald Jewel.
Hope Blossoms' apartment
It's in an incredibly nice part of town. This is also where her maid Delilah works.
The Park
Located in the eastern part of Whitherwater. Close by that is the home of Shock Top.
The Lusty Ladle
This pub is very upbeat with good music and atmosphere.
Custard and Cremes
An expensive cafe.
Melton's Millinery
A hat store run by Melton. This is where Emerald's hat was bought.
Marquess Chaser's Mansion
A huge 2-storey manor with a wide garden. It's where the ponycare fundaraiser party was held.
Antimony's Apothecary
An Alchemy shop with a decent selection of reagents.
The Library
Not far from Hope's place is a library that is connected to the college. It is not as impressive as Joyride's library.
Whole Wheat's
A food shop with not enough storage space for all the produce on sale. Run by the friendly mare Whole Wheat.
Baobab Grove
A zebra restaurant where Emerald had a date with Sensoria.
Whitherwater Eastside Community Center
Has an old quality to it, like it used to be an inn that was repurposed. It is in good condition though. It has a well looked after area outside for puppet shows. This is where Emerald and Ruby Rouge watched a show together.
An unnamed book store
An unnamed old mare here sells Emerald's Spellbook to him.
An unnamed dress store
Run by an unnamed mare. Emerald bought his Arrow Flynn dress here.
Fairflank's Furniture
A furniture store. Making a turn here will lead you down a rough alley.

Rough Alley

Shifty's Apothecary
Not as organised looking as most apothecary's, however it does have a basement with a very nice selection of rare reagents. Run by Shifty and Meringue.
A pet store
Sells dangerous looking "Exotic" pets.
A rundown restaurant
It's rundown.
A Grocers
Kinda dull.

The Southern Forest

Mushroom cave
Here Emerald and Joyride found some mushrooms. Along with a Navy slime and Jackknife Bird.


On the map we see a "Witherwater Castle", but the post says "Witherwaters Kingdom".
And later on when it gets mentioned again, "Whitherwater kingdom alliance".
The correct spelling should be Witherswater if it's a horse pun, but that spelling never gets used.

The dominant spelling is without a doubt "Whitherwater", but there have been several common variations too, which include: Witherwater, Witherwaters, Whiterwater, and Whitherwaters.