Joyride's home in Whitherwater. The house is enchanted with a mixture of Pony magic, Goat magic, and a little bit of Deer magic, enabling the front door to lead to many different rooms depending on which key is used to open it. The enchantments degrade over time, needing upkeep every few months, and will completely die off if left unattended for a few years, which would result in the house violently ejecting it's excess contents.

Keys and rooms

White key, with a disk-like bow: Alchemy workshop[citation needed]
Striped red and green key: Brothel[citation needed]
Bright pink key: Dressing room, with walk-in closet[citation needed]
Pale grey key: Emerald's studio apartment[citation needed]
Boxy key: Joyride's bedroom[citation needed]
Key with a heart engraved on the bow. Its bit is heavily warded and resembles two 'F's facing each other: Joyride's memory room[citation needed]
Light, sunflower colored key: Joyride's library[citation needed]
Long, pointed key: Room full of cabinets. Stores potions, unknown if it is a potion specific storage room or general storage.[citation needed]
Sharp, bright orange key: "Milking" room[citation needed]
Light blue, tear shaped key: Pit of cold water[citation needed]
Deep, sky blue key: Restaurant[citation needed]

Keys with unknown rooms
Fancy looking key with a jewel set in the bow. Its bit has only a single cut.
Key with a bow resembling a dagger handle. Its bit has two cuts, and its warding makes it resemble a trident.

Rooms with unknown keys
Beacon room. Contains a door to a warehouse room, and a glowing purple stone marked with a white Ehwaz rune. Appears to be the beacon Joy uses to teleport back home over long distances.
Kitchen with dining area
Massive closet. Possibly another entrance to the dressing room's closet?
Pitch black room containing tentacles
Room full of stacked desk and chairs
Room full of fire
Room where we met Vee. It is never directly described, but seems to be some sort of parlor or living room. Could possibly be the kitchen.
Room with a blinding light
Training room
Washroom. Large, with multiple showers and a huge square bath. Joy seems to imply its modeled after a Japanese (or the in universe equivalent) public bath.
Wine cellar