Primarily practiced in Zebra lands where ingredients are plentiful, alchemy is a form of magic that requires little to no magical skill on the part of the practitioner, drawing all it's energy from it's ingredients and rituals. Ingredients for a potion are chosen for having traits similar to that desired from the finished potion, and the mixture gains additional magic from the stirring implement, which in turn gains its power either from bathing in a magical liquid, such as dragon's blood, or is inherently magical, such as the once-use Rodbug. More advanced potion may require additional steps, such as a specific chant, careful temperature control, or mixing the ingredients in a certain order to avoid a disastrous outcome. Potions when ingested can bestow their effects even on those who are otherwise immune to magic, but come with the drawback that many beneficial potions contain toxic ingredients and will poison the user if overused. Compared to Goat magic, the ingredients in alchemy are often highly specific.

List of potions