Like the canon it is based on, the world of Colt Quest has magic that characters can use. To harness Pony magic a character needs a focus, either natural, such as a Unicorn's horn, or artificial, such as Emerald's spell book. However, Vee mentions that there is a way to cast without a focus.
The other types of magic can be used by anyone, but typically require reagents and the end result is often not as strong as pony magic.

Types of Magic

Deer Magic
Goat Magic
Gryphon Magic
Pony Magic

As explained by Joyride

Okay, assume magic was a person. Most types of magic, like deer and zebra, would ask magic nicely to do things for them, maybe even give her gifts in exchange for help. On the other hand magic like the kind ponies use would whip magic until it does the things we want it to do. This is why Pony magic needs either a horn or a magical focus. Think of it as the 'whip' we use to make magic do stuff for us. Without that 'whip' magic wouldn't even give us the time of day. It's also why our magic is much stronger offensively. Deer or zebra magic would need to call up a thunderstorm if they wanted lightning. We can just cast it immediately.

So for pony magic, say that your magical energy is a cup of water, and the spell you want to cast is another container. To get the spell to cast you'd have to fill the thimble up with water from your cup, that is the activation energy. Each spell as it's own activation energy, for sake of this example, we'll say it could be a thimble, a mug, or even a swimming pool. But if you train your energy your cup will grow bigger. Other types of magic use a different form of energy. Say, for goat magic you could think of filling the spells cup with marbles, and then filling the spaces between with your magical energy, or for Zebra alchemy you'd be filling it up not with water, but with that soup you brewed at home earlier. Succubus magic? Filling the cup with cum!