A sphere atop a pole, it can be placed stationarily, or held and carried. This beacon is used in conjunction with a teleportation spell to make sure the caster gets to their destination accurately, or to allow a caster to teleport much further. One beacon is linked to another that is then taken elswhere, the caster need only think of travel whilst their magic is focused on one beacon to be sent to the other. The caster's mana is still used up as usual, but much less is used.
The energy these beacons give off makes them very visible to anyone perceptive to magic, or trying to detect magic.

Role in the story

First seen used by the Whitherwater Special Defense Force when they were looking for the source of noise and fire some distance from Whitherwater. Seen again when Emerald saw a sailor on the Gypsy Wind trying to help his comrades ambush Joyride. Lastly one is seen in 304 Coursewalk, which leads to one in Joyride's and Sunshine Sea's old home.
Emerald was able to teleport for the first time despite not knowing the spell for it by accidentally using one of these. He passed out as a result of the mana drain.