Welcome to the Colt Quest Wikidot.

This site runs on Wikidot, which isn't too bad.

Here are the links to get you started


Where to read

You can read the CYOA from start to finish easily at anonpone.



If you want to help out, there's also a Patreon page for the artist.



You can also join the Discord server.

Pages to view so far

There is a button for characters and places at the top, which includes a page for Emerald Jewel and Joyride of course. The story is a collection of all part synopses so far. Magic is a big page too, and then there's the attempt at making a quests log.



Why is this site terrible?

There are only two people making this site right now. CQSideData and Minus. Just give it some time, we're learning. You can see the most recent additions from the editors here.


We're up to part 20 and a little further as far as content goes. Out of 57 parts. This was a big undertaking.