Known Demons

Known Demon types

Controllers of fire like Pip, they are very powerful and high ranking for their destructive ability.

Demons are beings that originate from the plane of Tartarus. They seem to be a mixture of living creature and magic, and are often quite powerful because of this. They also don't need to eat or sleep. [3] However they do enjoy eating souls, which makes them stronger, or meat which they enjoy just for the taste.[4]

They are typically only able to gain freedom from their home plane through the use of contracts, where they can make agreements with mortals. Naturally most demons skew things in their own favor, and it is rarely wise to accept a deal without meticulously checking the wording. A demon who breaks their contract will suffer a terrible punishment.[1][2]

Demons, and those that use them, are the reason the Order of the Arrow was formed. They exist primarily as demon hunters, and are to thank for demons being an uncommon sight.

Demons can sense corruption in mortals, which is something caused by comitting murder, or debauchery and the like.

Demons can be killed, even the toughest ones. However death for a demon simply means being sent to The Void. And some demons are powerful enough to leave this void, making them quite a threat. The only demon known to be able to do that so far is the Chronodaemon.