Major characters

Minor characters

Incidental characters

Halil the Healer
A zebra who developed the first medicinal alchemy.
Ubon the Unliving
A zebra who is infamous for creating the first potion to raise the dead.
The leader of Sensoria's squad. Probably killed by Stargazer.[citation needed]
Another member of Sensoria's squad. Probably killed by Stargazer.[citation needed]
A dragon that had it's fire stolen by Joyride.
A pony that sells hats at Melton's Millinery in Whitherwater.
Marquess Chaser
Owns a mansion near Whitherwater castle where he hosted a fundraiser for ponycare.
Buff Biceps
The minotaur that guards Marquess Chaser's hedge maze. Quite interested in Emerald.[citation needed]
A middle aged unicorn scholar with a light orange coat and white mane that wears glasses. Studies Gryphon magic at Whitherwater Library.
The gryphon who created a spell to calm the wind completely in an area as a defensive measure against wind magi.
Owns an Apothecary in Whitherwater. Sells illegal and rare reagents. Has known Joyride since he was young and he trusts her, but hasn't fallen for her wiles. Has a strong interest in different currencies.[citation needed]
Shifty's co-worker.
Whole Wheat
Owns a food store in Whitherwater. Very friendly and chatty. Knows Joyride. Somehow knew that Emerald was a Colt.
A magenta pegasus that worked for the post in his youth. Childhood friend of Joyride's.
A very skilled zebra alchemist. Has a thing for colts, and spent a night with Emerald.
Jester Jinx
A fictional character that stars in several puppet shows. His silly ideas often get him into trouble.
Tack and Nail
Two prankster foals kidnapped by Ol' Cloaky.
The Dealer
Some unnamed pony selling drugs in the rough alley at Whitherwater. He wears a striped hat and has a beard. He offers drugs to Emerald but is turned down. Ruby however buys some from him for Joy.
Ms. Cassiopeia
A grey mare with a pale blue mane in a bun. Emerald's last tutor before he escaped. Despite seeming as nice as the previous tutors, she condones how Emerald gets treated.
A zebra bar-worker that was married to Kpangbah and mother to Adetokunbo. She died from an infection. Said to have been expressive and blunt in personality.
A pegasus, and the fastest crew-member of the Gypsy Wind.
A pegasus with the sun for his cutie-mark. He wears a striped hat and shirt. He's part of the Gypsy Wind's crew, and is a gambler.
An earth pony with windswept hair and a handkerchief around his neck. He's part of the Gypsy Wind's crew.
A zebra that wears a bandanna. He's part of the Gypsy Wind's crew.
An earth pony crew-member of the Gypsy Wind.
A Unicorn crew-member of the Gypsy Wind.
Member of the Gypsy Wind crew, passed away in battle.
Member of the Gypsy Wind crew, last seen in a very injured state.
Member of the Gypsy Wind crew, caught Emerald snooping as usual.
Shivercharm the Beguiler
A name found on a gravestone at the undead village.
Dead Eye
An undead pony with a missing eye that works as the Hollowmarsh village bell-ringer and watches for dangers.
Doctor Bronzewing
A griffon doctor from Ponycare.