A mysterious Earth pony mare. With a mane as white as a swan, and a coat as blue as the ocean around a tropical island.[citation needed]
Former companion to Joyride, she left her at some point over 10 years prior to Emerald Jewel's escape from his castle. Sunshine left Joy to start a family with a stallion, and she turned down Joy's immortality so that she could have a baby.
Said to have been a demon in bed, rivaling Joyride for prowess, but not quite as lewd. She is also a very powerful mage, known for her use of shape-shifting magic.
She was also said to have been quite selfless and kind, but otherwise very similar to Joyride.

She used to live with Joy above a bar in Pololimpopo where the relationship came off to most as romantic. Her and Joyride used to hang out with Kpangbah and his son Adetokunbo. Sunshine Sea, like Joyride, was quite the traveler.

Role in the story


Joyride, former companion. Originally met each other at a bar in Whitherwater. Had spent most of her life with Joy. Very close "friends".

Adetokunbo, former coltfriend.

Emerald Jewel, Ruby Rouge, and Larimar, they are her children[citation needed]