Sensoria is a very skinny unicorn mare with a dull blue-purple coat and darker mane. Her cutie-mark is a crystal ball with an eye in it.
She's nearly completely blind, and has spent most of her life using magic to see instead. Because Emerald Jewel cannot be affected by magic, this makes him practically invisible to her.
She is part of The Whitherwater Special Defense Force. One of her squadmates is Biscuit, and the leader Cirrus.[citation needed] She is in charge of transportation and magical fire support.
[citation needed]

Skills and talents

Unparalleled magic senses. She can detect anything around her in a circular pattern up to 100 meters away[citation needed], and can even see past most anti-scrying spells. The robe she got from Joyride helps with this. She uses this skill as part of her job, and for her hobby of just watching people.
However she is unable to see with her eyes, which means that there are some things she can't do. One such thing is reading, since letters have nothing to sense.
She has an interest in music and has been learning to play the violin, though she doesn't put much effort into it.[citation needed]

Role in the story


Emerald Jewel, her naughty playmate.

Joyride, her perverted friend. They bonded over raunchy stories at a bar.