A bright yellow pyrodaemon with an orange curly mane. Though this is the form she takes to be less frightening, her real form is far bigger and less cute. She can also form legs and make herself look like a regular pony, if not for the horn and eyes giving her away to someone looking closely.
She is bound to a book that has written inside it a list of rules for the undead of the Hollow Marsh to follow.[1] She joins Emerald Jewel's group after convincing the colt to take her with him. A deal is made between her master Lord Sepulcher and Joyride. Now owned by the mare, she continues to help Emerald out for her own amusement. She's also become friends with Ruby Rouge.

Skills and talents

Pip's got an array of skills that have made her incredibly useful, and incredibly dangerous. She can create fire and generally kill ponies on the spot easily. She can also float, but must stay nearby the book she is bound to. She's also shown the ability to create clothing for a disguise, something that seems to be a common demon ability.
She is also resisant to certain enchantments like subtlety, and can detect when spells are activated, as well as if other demons are nearby.

Role in the story


Lord Sepulcher, her old master.
Joyride, her current master.
Emerald Jewel, the one that helped her get out of Hollow Marsh, and often the holder of her book.
Ruby Rouge, appears to be her best mortal friend.
Ann, a succubus that Pip begrudgingly has to work alongside sometimes.
Gregarious, the one who had been tasked with keeping her locked up in her book for many years.