A Unicorn mare that often wears a smile with a half-lidded gaze.

Immensely old and with magical powers only matched by her libido, Joyride is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn't open up about her past leaving most of it a mystery. Her mantle allows her to magically store items, and she also possesses a spell that allows her to access alternate universes.

Her exact age is never given, but she is old enough to have seen civilisations and races come and go.[2] Her special talent is travel magic, which broadly means any spells to teleport or move quickly, as well as spells that effect vehicles and objects of transportation.[2]

She lives at 304 Coursewalk in Whitherwater, but is also a traveler and tends to set up camp wherever she is at the time. She originally lived in Hucklehoof and has since had homes in many other places such as Pololimpopo.

Role in the story

She took in Emerald after he escaped his parents, and is currently instructing him in the ways of magic and alchemy. She is also the source of Emerald's current mid-term goal, which involves collecting ingredients for a potion to help her achieve orgasm after her long life of debauchery left her desensitized.


Hope Blossoms, one of Joys current friends. She has so far turned down Joy's advances.

Blood Blossoms, an old friend she knew before his daughter Hope was born. Worked with him on some weapon designs for the war. There was also some romance between them.[1]

Emerald Jewel, her apprentice and occasional ho.

Ruby Rouge, her errand-boy.

Sensoria, another long time friend, and fellow perv.

Sunshine Sea, previous and favorite companion.

Lord Sepulcher, former master, taught her necromancy.

Lady Elegance, former comrade under Sepulcher, still has feelings for Joy.