Hope Blossoms is an earth pony with a pink mane and a coat the colour of the universe. She works as part of Ponycare to help those affected by the war. She does this partly to get back at her dad, and because she detests war. She is the first ally of Emerald Jewel's, and they first meet after Emerald rams his face into her backside.
She is a noble, daughter to Blood Blossoms. Her mother has since passed away. Along with helping ponies in need, she has a soft spot for young boys. Given Joyride's failed attempts to intice her, Hope probably only has eyes for colts.

Role in the story


Emerald Jewel embodies Hope's two major fetishes of foals and traps.[citation needed] As such they get on very well and seem to be lovers. Hope also acts like a mother to Emerald, and he in turn sees her as a mother figure.

Joyride is a long time friend of Hope's. She even has a compass that leads to her.

Blood Blossoms, Hope's father. Supports the war, which bothers Hope.[1]

Delilah, Hope's maid.