Now a zombie pony, he looks very wrinkly and shriveled. He wears a polished gold and silver helmet of some kind, as well as a deep crimson robe. Quite a friendly guy, he runs Hollowmarsh Village when his master is away. Though he seems to take his orders a bit literally, he is otherwise sensible.
He chose to become a zombie when the offer was made to him as protection from death was something he sought. His religion at the time didn't seem like it was really going to provide that, so he gave it up and switched sides. Despite living a dull life, he seems happy with his choice.

Skills and talents

A mage-priest in life, he was a great warrior. He still retains his magical skills, but they pale in comparison to Lord Sepulcher.
He's also able to farm crops and cook, even if his food is awful.

Role in the story


Lord Sepulcher, his master.