An Earth Pony colt with a girly appearance. The main character of Colt Quest.

Originally from the middle kingdom, Emerald Jewel started his adventure by escaping his parents and running into Stargazer in the woods.
Emerald Jewel is the heir to the Jewel family.
He eventually lives with Joyride in Whitherwater.

Skills and talents

Emerald has an impressive arsenal of skills, being the very clever pone he is. Most impressive is his skill in magic despite being an Earth Pony. Something doable, but usually too much effort to go through for the hornless ponies.
Emerald is also very good at reading and speaking in multiple languages, being the thing he studied most during his time at his step-parent's home.

Attribute Points



Emerald has dabbled in several styles of magic, choosing not to specialize on any single type.
The types that he knows are Pony magic, Goat magic, necromancy, and mainly alchemy. He has a spell book focus.

Role in the story

He's the main character. Check the Story for more on that.
You can also check Items to see what loot he's acquired over the series.


Hope Blossoms of Ponycare is his lover/mother figure. Things are complicated.[citation needed]

Joyride is his teacher and caretaker.

Ruby Rouge, Emerald's friend and traveling companion.

Sunshine Sea, a mysterious mare that could be his mother.

Papillon, the only other foal Emerald got to spend time with when he was back with his parents. He doesn't like her.[citation needed]

Venator, captured him when he was trying to escape from his step parents.

Alacris, tried to protect him from his step-parent's guards.

Stargazer, first pony met after his escape, she attempted to drug Emerald.

Sweet Tea, a pleasant mother that looked after Emerald for a bit.

Praline, a cute filly that Emerald teaches to read.

Giles, an older colt that struggles with his feelings for Emerald.

Grandma Pecan, a heartless hag that deserves a smack.

Sensoria, a blind guard of Whitherwater that is enamoured with Emerald.

Shock Top, a criminal that tried to kidnap Emerald.

Olamilekan, an alchemist zebra that Emerald beds and trained with.

Adetokunbo, a friendly pirate that likes to have fun with Emerald.

Gregorius, a zombie that scares Emerald, but also cooks him a meal.

Lady Elegance, a necromantic chimera construct monster, a nice girl.

Lord Sepulcher, retired lord of darkness, taught Emerald some spells.

Pipadeaxkor, a demon that both helps and causes problems for Emerald often.



Praelia, an Order member that knocked Emerald unconcious.

Uictoria, a powerful Order member that is trying to capture Emerald.

Ann, a demon bound to serve Emerald.