A pink succubus demon with a dark red mane. She has two horns that bend and point forwards. She transforms into a stylish Earth Pony in public, and has also been seen to have a rather special form. She can turn into a giant penis monster.[citation needed]
Her master is Emerald Jewel, making her his first official Demon, as Pipadeaxkor is bound to Joyride instead. Ann was won by Emerald in a bet between who would win between Joyride and Bibisi.[citation needed]
Quite mature and helpful, she is easy for the others to get along with, though when the opportunity arrises to get some fun and souls, she takes it like any demon would.
She and Pip really do not get along at all, being polar opposites in quite a few ways.
She has revealed that she does not need to eat souls or sate her lust to survive, only that she wants these things.[1]
She came from succubus den called The Satin Shrine.[1]

Skills and talents

As a demon, Ann has a few innate abilities. Creating a pony disguise on the spot seems to be one of them, and one she is good at. She can also detect other demons to a small extent.
She has the ability to regenerate even from being reduced to ashes. Something she has done twice now. She can also heal and become stronger by absorbing cum.
Her real ability is her seduction, a mix of talent and magic. She can be very persuasive and alluring to those with anything below the strongest of wills.

Role in the story


Bibisi, her old master.
Zazz, served Bibisi alongside each other.
Emerald Jewel, her current master. She had hoped to get him as a pet, but came out the loser in the bet.
Pipadeaxkor, another demon she has had to work with a few times. And has been burned to ashes by a few times too. Not friends.